World Schizophrenia Day 2018: All You Need To Know About Schizophrenia

World Schizophrenia Day 2018 is observed on May 24. Schizophrenia is a mental condition which affects normal functioning of the brain. The condition interferes with a person's ability to feel, act and think. Some schizophrenic patients recover completely and find an improvement in their symptoms. But others continue to suffer from schizophrenia for a prolonged period of time, wherein the distressing symptoms can last for years. A common myth surrounding schizophrenia is that people suffering from it have split personality. However, this is completely untrue. Schizophrenia patients have 1 personality just like everyone else. Common symptoms of schizophrenia include confused thinking, delusions and hallucinations. Schizophrenia is often considered as a grave condition. There is a lot of stigma associated with schizophrenia. The aim of World Schizophrenia Day is to fight these stigmas and make people more aware of the mental disorder.

Schizophrenia Awareness Week is being celebrated in May every year since 1986. May 20 to 27 is 0bserved as Schizophrenia Awareness Week all across the world. Numerous campaigns and awareness programs are held during this time of the year, in order to help schizophrenia patients and increase sensitivity towards them among the rest.

This year, the theme of Schizophrenia Awareness Week is "Do what you can do", wherein all authorities are invited to take strong action in beating stigma around schizophrenia and promoting inclusion of schizophrenia patients.

Unlike some mental disorder, schizophrenia isn't that common. Symptoms of schizophrenia can be quite disabling.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Acutely ill patients of schizophrenia will experience disordered thinking. Everyday thoughts that occur in daily lives - like going to work and doing household chores - become confusing for them. They experience difficult in joining the dots for almost everything around them.

Source -  NDTV 

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