22 Jun 2018

8 Seemingly Innocent Mistakes Which Are Putting Your Health In Danger

When it comes to health, popular belief says that it is all about eating well and exercising regularly. But health is not that small a concept; there's much more to it. Some every day habits, which we thought were normal, could actually not be normal! Yes, little do you realize how harmful your habits can be until they actually start harming your overall health? Some simple habits, daily life practices which you think are normal could actually be harming your health in ways that you could never even think of. These little habits could affect your brain health to quite an extent. And some of these seem so normal that for once, you may not even believe that these habits could actually put your health in danger. But once you learn about their possible effects, we bet you would think multiple times before repeating the same.

Here are 8 such seemingly innocent habits which are putting your health in danger.

1. Eating the same food daily

This one is for the people on a General Motors diet. While eating the same healthy foods daily gives your body the nutrients it needs on a daily basis, it would still deprive you of a lot of other minerals. Eating the same foods again and again could increase your risk of nutritional deficiencies as well. Another factor is monotony. To enhance the taste, you may even add different flavors to your food which could have an adverse impact on the nutritional value of your meals.

2. Taking a hot, steamy shower

A hot and steamy shower is just what you need to get rid of all the stress you go through during the day. But keep in mind that a hot and moist environment is where bugs breed. So avoid going for such hot showers. But if you still wish to, open the door or the window to allow some steam to escape. Also, scrub your bathroom once a week to avoid the growth of bugs in your bathroom.

3. Eating at your desk

Your office desk is not the perfect place to have your lunch and for a very strong reason. A research showed that your office desk contains more germs than your toilet seat. So avoid sitting at your desk and having your lunch at a place dirtier than your toilet seat.

4. Lighting scented candles

Scented candles are the perfect add on for a romantic and peaceful aura. But in terms of health, it is not the best thing. Carcinogens in scented candles can cause or worsen allergies. But if you still insist on lighting candles once in a while, use vegetable-based candles. They are a safer and healthier alternative.

5. Not washi

You all know how important it is to wash hands regularly. Throughout the day your hands touch a number of dirty surfaces and you eat your food with the same hands. Imagine the amount of toxins which enter your body through dirty hands! But what we're stressing on here is not just the importance of washing hands; we're stressing on the importance of knowing how to wash your hands properly. You must wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with a handwash and then apply a sanitizer on it. 

6. Wearing shoes inside your home 

Your shoes are the dirtiest of all. They bring dust, dirt, sometimes even feces inside your home. 25% of all shoes bring in harmful, disease-causing bacteria inside your home. Take them off outside your house and then enter. 

7. Using your cell phone in the bathroom 

Using your cell phone in the bathroom is another seemingly innocent habit which harms your health. The social media distraction in your bathroom can actually be tempting but trust us, it is extremely unhealthy. Using your phone between using the toilet and before washing your hands can transfer germs from your hands to your phone and from your phone to your face. 

Source - NDTV 

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