This Man's Govinda-Style Dance Is A Viral Hit. Watch Him, Because TGIF

Whoever said "Dance like no one's watching" hasn't heard about this gentleman going viral. Over the past two days, a man's dance performance with his wife has caught the attention of people. From WhatsApp to Twitter to Facebook, the man's Govinda-style dance moves have been bringing joy to thousands and even prompted many to search for him. Those who've seen him grooving know exactly what we're talking about and those who haven't - well you're in for a treat.
Among the versions of the videos going viral is one shared by Twitter user Gautam Trivedi on May 31. He jokingly describes it as the "best wedding performance selected by UNESCO" on Twitter. His video has collected over 10,000 'likes' and almost 5,000 retweets - and still very much counting.

The viral video shows the man, dubbed by many as 'uncle' or 'uncle ji', dancing to Aap Ke Aa Jane Se from the film Khudgarz starring Govinda and Neelam. His moves are beyond impressive and his energy is infectious

Watch him in action below:


Here's another... because one is never enough.

A search by social media sleuths suggests the man is Sanjeev Shrivastava, a professor from Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. A YouTube channel by the name Dabbu Sanjeev also hosts the videos that have gone viral.

Here's what people are saying about the stellar dance routine.

"Whistle!! Whistle!! Whistle!!... Even non-dancers will feel like dancing after watching this video," says one YouTube user on the video. "Maza aa gaya Sirji!! Puri duniya ki public ka soya hua dancer jaag gaya aaj," says another.

On Twitter too, people cannot stop raving about the man. Actor Divya Dutta is among them.


Good start of the day. Much needed daily dose of confidence.
The dance steps and face expressions are very similar to what Govida used to do.
It requires a hell load of confidence in oneself to be so effortless.

Source - NDTV 

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