CBI Pulled Up By Top Court Over No Arrests In Manipur Fake Encounters

The Supreme Court on Monday told off the Central Bureau of Investigation for not arresting the accused in the alleged extra-judicial killings and fake encounters by the army, Assam Rifles and police in Manipur.

The top court left it to the CBI Director Alok Kumar Verma to have the suspects arrested and questioned but asked him to appoint 12 more officers to assist the special investigation team so that the charge-sheet can be filed quickly.

"According to you, there are 14 murderers in these cases and they loafing around Manipur freely? You haven't arrested any of them?" the court said sharply. "CBI filed FIRs against dead persons who are victims. This is unbelievable," the court said.

The CBI Director who was present in the court, said that these were old cases pertaining to 1984. Two charge-sheets in the cases were filed this morning and by the end of August, five more will be filed, the CBI told the court.

Source - NDTV 

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