13 Jul 2018


Dr. Mohit Bhandari, a renowned bariatric surgeon, informed about the causes and treatment of obesity in this workshop. He also provided information about cutting-edge technology to prevent obesity. The workshop was organised at the Civil Lines, in front of the Hotel Kalachuri Residency, Circuit House. Dr Mohit Bhandari is a renowned surgeon and so far he has treated as many as 10,000 people with bariatric surgery and helped them out with getting rid of the obesity. More than 100 people participated in this workshop. During this workshop, Dr. Mohit Bhandari’s team members also addressed a seminar.

 While addressing the workshop, Dr Bhandari told participants about obesity prevention measures, diet, exercise and other measures of getting rid of obesity. He said that obesity is a very rapidly growing problem, due to which a large part of the population is surrounded by excessive body weight and diseases caused by it. There is a great reason for many problems such as obesity diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain. These are proven deadly in many cases. Dr. Mohit Bhandari has given about 10,000 people freedom from obesity in his Bariatric and Robotics clinic is located in Indore. He established Central India's first robotic center. He has made the latest record of doing robotic surgery in the Asia continent. Dr. Bhandari has the highest experience of success in severe cases of bariatric surgery, which includes Asia's fattest woman (350 kg) and Asia's fattest male (386 kg).

Source - HP

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