India's 1st Spa For Babies Opens In Hyderabad. Here's How It Helps Them

If you feel you've had a long week, and could relax at a neighbourhood spa, you'd be surprised to know that babies have their share of stress too. It is imperative for a baby to be relaxed for better cognitive and overall development. Addressing this need, a baby spa in Hyderabad has become the country's first such facility to offer a range of options to help improve the physical and cognitive development of babies and ensure that they are happy and stress-free.

Be it hydrotherapy, massage, or exercises, the spa offers it all to parents who want the best for their babies.

"The baby spa is meant for newborns, up to the age of nine months, who can float naturally, just like they did in the mother's womb. The aim is to keep them floating. We don't want the babies to stand up, while in the pool," explains Swati Jilla, CEO of Baby Spa.

Explaining the facilities on offer, NDTV is given a tour of the spa, where baby Anaira is all dressed up and ready for her first day at the spa. The four-month old is given a swim nappy, swim suit and a patented floatation device, which is put around the neck to ensure it supports the baby's head, and keep it above water at all times.

"The device helps them feel light and makes it easier for them to move around or float. Unlike on land, the water helps them float and relaxes their muscles and allow them to move them freely in all directions. This hydrotherapy helps physical and cognitive development of the babies," explains the staff.

Ms Jilla further explains that "there are a lot many more benefits, including, faster learning, better growth, more attentiveness and awareness, and better immunity for babies. That is what got me to open The Baby Spa."

Laura Sevenus, a swimmer, trainer and aquarobics expert, developed this concept of hydrotherapy and massage for babies in South Africa in 2005 and launched the world's first baby spa in London. She says it helps babies de-stress, so they are more attentive and open to learning.

"When babies are are overexcited and stimulated all the time, the information overload may adversely affect their learning skills. This may even lead to them shutting out a lot of the learning. We don't want that to happen. We want them to be interested, attentive, open minded, and able to absorb information without stress, to ensure that the best learning takes place,'' she said.

Source - NDTV 

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