Kishore Kumar 89th Birth Anniversary! What relatives have to say about Kishore Kumar’s tragic life story

Today, Kishore Kumar would have been celebrating his 89th birthday had he been alive. Kishore Kumar was one of the most loved singers as well as actors of Indian cinema. Abhas Kumar Ganguly, popularly known as Kishore Kumar in Bollywood, had always been in a limelight for his acting, singing and his relationships.

In 1949, Kishore Kumar moved to Mumbai. He acted in several films like “Andolan” (1951), “Naukari” (1954) and “Musafir” (1957). However, Kishore Kumar’s real interest was in playback singing. SD Burman tapped Kishore for inner talent as a playback singer. SD Burman persuaded Kishore to develop his own style. That time he sung “Munjim” (1954), “Nau Do Gyarah” (1957).

Apart from his singing and acting career, Kishore Kumar had married four times. His first wife was Bengali singer and actress Ruma Guha Thakurta aka Ruma Ghosh from who he had son, singer Amit Kumar. Later, Kishore got married to Madhubala but she died in 1969. After Madhubala’s death, Kishore got married third time with Yogeeta Bali, however, his marriage with her didn’t last long as they got separated. Then, he married to Leena Chandravar from whom he had a son Sumit Kumar.

Kishore Kumar’s life was very controversial. Hence, people have had made many perceptions about him, but many people don’t know what his family members know about him.

Kishore Kumar’s relationship with Madhubala had turned very ugly after she fell ill. Sadly, during her last days, many there were reports stating that Kishore left Madhubala during her last days. However, when actor and elder brother of Kishore Kumar, Ashok Kumar was asked about the issue, he had told Filmfare, “She suffered a lot and her illness made her very bad-tempered. She often fought with Kishore, and would take off to her father’s house where she spent most of her time.”

During Madhubala’s last days, her younger sister, Zahiba aka Madhur Bhushan was with her. In an interview with Rediff, “After marriage they flew to London where the doctor told her she had only two years to live. After that Kishore left her at our house saying: ‘I can’t look after her. I’m on outdoors often’. But she wanted to be with him. He’d visit her once in two months, though. Maybe he wanted to detach himself from her so that the final separation wouldn’t hurt. But he never abused her as was reported. He bore her medical expenses.”

“Often Kishore Bhaiyya’s phone was disconnected. He’d visit her once in two to three months. He’d say, ‘If I come, you’ll cry and it will not be good for your heart. You’ll go into depression. You should rest’. She was young, jealousy was natural. Perhaps, a feeling of being abandoned killed her,” Bhushan further added.

Surprisingly, Kishore Kumar’s first wife’s son Amit Kumar is still living with his mother, and stepmother Leena with her son Sumit Kumar. When Amit Kumar’s was asked about his first meet with Madhubala, he told Filmfare, “I first saw Madhubala when I was around 10. She had returned from shooting when dad said, ‘Namaste karo’. Later my father and she moved into a rented a flat near Ottter’s Club in Bandra. This was after their London visit to seek medical advice for her feeble heart condition. I’d stay with them there during the vacation. I even slept between them. I’ve this habit of kicking in my sleep. Once I heard her saying, ‘Tumhara beta bahut laath marta hai’.”

Speaking about his father’s unsuccessful marriage life, Amit told the magazine, “Dad wanted to be the breadwinner and let his woman be just the wife. But he married all artistes, that’s why he failed. But he finally found love.

Well, Kishore Kumar’s life had different shades. But, in the end, he remained in people’s memories with his songs.

Source - FP

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