Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Review

The epitome of engineering, design, and luxury in the Daimler universe. This is a car that is meant for the chosen few. The very very few. And while it made its world debut last year and India debut in February this year, it has finally been made available to us to test. And yes, we have it for you first. And exclusive. This is the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. And I am driving the range topper S 650 - not your average car and not even your average chauffeur driven one. But yes, most owners will spend exponentially more time in the back than in the front. The cabin is the true lap of luxury. After all this car is meant to take on the likes of the Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls-Royce Ghost. The finest, softest leather, the best gadgets money can buy, and yes that includes a Burmester 3DF sound system with not 10, not 12, not even 16, but 26 speakers! You can customise everything, thanks to 'designo' individualisation. So, there are 4 options for the wood or lacquer trim, 6 for the leather - and you can get the Nappa leather if you want - and there are 12 paint shades to choose from for the exterior.

Source - NDTV 

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