Little Things Season 2 Trailer: Mithila Palkar's Netflix Comedy Debuts New Look

Netflix has released a new trailer for Little Things season 2, the comedy series starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal – the latter is also the creator and writer – and produced by Dice Media, the sister entertainment division to popular branded-content Web channel FilterCopy. Both are owned by Mumbai-based digital entertainment startup Pokcet Aces.

The new Little Things season 2 trailer continues Netflix’s strategy of ignoring that the show didn’t debut on its platform now that it has acquired it. Both the new and the first trailer avoid the season-two wording altogether, opting to call it just “Little Things”. The new trailer takes things a step further and brings in footage from the already-aired season too.

It’s why the new Little Things trailer also takes it upon itself to introduce the series’ couple – Palkar as Kavya and Sehgal as Dhruv – and set up the premise of the day-to-day lives of two twenty-somethings living together in Mumbai. It then dives into season 2 plot lines which sees a rift open in their relationship and ask tough questions of each other.

The show’s second season has been directed by Ruchir Arun, whose short film Mandrake! Mandrake! won a National Film Award in 2014. Little Things started as a Web series on YouTube in October 2016 and garnered millions of views across various social platforms, which led Netflix to pick it up.

Little Things season 2 is out October 5 on Netflix. And thanks to the acquisition, all episodes – including the five from season 1 – will be available on Netflix on release day.

Source - NDTV 

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