Short Film “Meeras” Depicts How “Every Time You Suffer In Silence, A New Victim Is Born”

“These things keep happening.” “We have to bear it.” “There is nothing that we can do about it.” “Think of your kid.” “Be patient.” “You will tarnish the family name by walking out now.” Victims of domestic abuse have long heard these hollow pieces of advice whenever they have as much as thought of raising a voice against it. But why?

Man is a social animal who lives his entire life struggling to put up appearances for society. We love projecting this mirage of perfection but fail to understand that a lot is lost in the process.

Sadly, in a lot of societies (more than you’d probably be able to guess), women are still told to tolerate domestic abuse because “God forbid the word gets out,” and the age-old rhetoric of “kya kahenge log!”

Domestic rights activist Marzana Rahman shared with us last year, “Domestic abuse happens more than you know, a bit too often and a bit too much.” Sadly, it is owing to the systematic silencing of the victims that we get to know about it so seldom.

However, violence is treacherous and has a way of trickling down from one generation to another. Today, if I let somebody snatch me of something that is rightfully mine then my children will learn to do the same. You know how they say that the child is not too different from the mother?

Director Saurabh K Thakur explores the same narrative in his short film titled Meeras. Starring the super talented Sadiya Siddiqui, the film explores the subject of domestic abuse and how quietly tolerating crime is akin to committing it.

Sadiya plays the role of a middle-aged woman who has spent all her youth tolerating an abusive husband owing to the fear of the society. While she is constantly abused by her husband and dreads him, she always puts us a smiling front for the world.

But what happens to a woman when she comes face to face with someone following her lead and doing exactly what she has done all this while i.e. put on some makeup, hide the scars, and fake a smile. Surely, her guards come crashing down? But will she give the same kind of advice that she has received all this while?

Source - The Womens Blog