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Indian Railways passengers, here’s how you can check IRCTC PNR status & train journey information on WhatsApp

Train travelling during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has become very challenging for Indian Railways passengers. To make the travel experience a little convenient, a new feature has been launched by Railofy that allows users to get real-time PNR Status as well as train journey information via WhatsApp. With the help of this feature, Indian Railways passengers can get live train status, previous railway station, upcoming station, PNR status and more train journey related information via WhatsApp. According to an IE report, this feature eliminates a passenger’s need to dial the railway helpline number 139 for live train status or download other third-party apps on their smartphone. Here is how one can check PNR status as well as real-time train journey information via WhatsApp:

First of all, update the WhatsApp app on your phone. Android users can update the app from Play Store and iPhone users can update the app from App store.

Now save “+91-9881193322”, which is Railofy’s train enquiry number on your mobile phone. By doing this, the contact will be added to your WhatsApp contacts list.

Now go to WhatsApp and tap on the new message button in order to open your contacts list.

You can choose the Railofy contact and then type in your 10 digit PNR number in the message window.

Once you send the PNR number to Railofy, it will keep you updated in real-time about the train status via WhatsApp.

According to Railofy, a typical IRCTC user or railway passenger checks his/her PNR Status around 10 to 20 times before the journey date. This new feature will allow the users or railway passengers to get regular updates of the PNR Status or live train running status on their WhatsApp number. Apart from these benefits, railway passengers while inside of the train will also be informed about the next upcoming railway station, it added.

Source – Financial Express

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